Hi there
Question on HYPER-V -- I've a machine with 2 Display port outputs and a standard old fashioned RGB (video type monitor) output -- all 3 are selectable. The 2 Display port outputs are connected via an HDMI switchbox to one monitor with Displayport->HDMI connectors.

My question is this -- can I dedicate one of the Display ports to a VM using HYPER-V even though I have to switch to the single physical monitor screen via the HDMI switchbox or do I need a second physical screen.

On a Linux Host I've tested the video outputs and they can work independently to different monitors -- I don't have room though for a second monitor for this machine -- currently I get hideous video performance on a VM HYPER-V where "Paravirtualisation" of the video takes place -- passthru a physical adapter port would seem to be much better - especially as there's 3 video outport ports available on the Host.

So @Kari (hope you had a Happy / Safe XMAS and hope for the new year) - any thoughts on this.

(The monitor has 2 HDMI and an RGB (old fashioned monitor) inputs so in theory so I could eliminate the HDMI switchbox too). Video resolution of up to HD 1080p is all that's required - the HOST video ports can all deliver 1920 X 1080 -- even the RGB one can.

I want first to test logging on to the HOST directly -- then connect to the VM from a LAPTOP which is on a fast 10 gbs LAN.