Best choice for virtualization?

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    PJLLB said:
    I "clearly" read your posts, but it seems you don't understand mine. Have a nice day.
    If you could read then you would know the question was what virtualization solution should I pick. Not "I need help getting my key activated". That and you also missed the part where I said I no longer had either the discs or the key anyway... So no you didn't clearly do anything.
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    Hi there

    To get back to the thread

    Why not install the FREE version of VMWARE PLAYER --it works very well indeed and will easily run most "Usual" Linux distros as Virtual machines. (You can also run it on HOST Linux machines and have Windows as the VM's if you want).

    Note though the latest version of VMware player only runs on 64 bit machines (you can still of course run 32 bit OS'es). If your HOST OS is a 32 bit machine you'll need the PREVIOUS release.

    BTW to get the FREE version you need to look as there's a PAID (corporate) version too.


    I don't think it's worth paying extra for the PRO versions.

    Some people on Forums get too easily side-tracked !!! but perhaps it's better next time when asking a Technical rather than a Legal question is to leave out all the "Court" type of stuff -- I'm sure the ONE thing the USA has in abundance is an INEXHAUSTIBLE supply of Lawyers !!!!!!.

    Just thought to add --if you decide to run a Windows VM on a HOST Linux machine you'll still need a Windows Licence though.

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    Thanks much. I'm looking into VMWare Workstation at the moment. Have the trial. Virtualbox seems a bit easier layout but this has many more features. I love it so far. I did some reading on Hyper-V and it seems more server oriented, no seamless mode like I was looking for. I'll probably end up with VMWare.
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    It really depends on your needs/ expectations:

    - Virtualbox: free, open source, lot's of pro features like snapshots, compatible with a lot operating systems, hardware accelerated graphics to some extent...
    - VMWare Workstation: paid (expensive), almost any feature one could think of, very good performance, compatible with a lot of operating systems, best hardware accelerated graphics for VMs out there...
    - VMWare player: free, almost the same functionality like VMWare Workstation minus a few pro features like snapshots...
    - Hyper-V: free (if you got Windows 10 pro), performance seems to be ok, unique flexible ram allocation feature, centred around Windows (runs a few Linux distributions though), not as user friendly as VMWare or Virtualbox...

    I used to work with Virtualbox until I stumbled upon a 100 Euro offer for VMWare Workstation 11. I took advantage of the opportunity and now I'm very satisfied with Workstation 11. It just feels more polished, more capable than Virtualbox. But I'd like to make one thing clear: Virtualbox is a very good virtualizer and for most people it comes with more features than they'd ever need. On the other hand I haven't got a lot of experience with hyper-v. I've never really felt like seriously trying it out. VMWare Workstation as well Virtualbox have always been the more obvious choice for my since I use virtualization mostly for Linux.
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    jmgibson1981 said:
    Former Linux user lured by Windows 10. Love it completely. Need Linux for a few things so I need to virtualize. Have Windows 10 Home (Upgraded from Windows 8.1 retail) so I don't have Hyper-V. Virtualbox isn't working quite right for me and I don't know if VMWare is worth the price.

    Should I wait it out for Virtualbox to be fully Win10 compatible? Get VMWare either Workstation / or Player Pro? Or just upgrade my Windows to Pro and use Hyper-V.

    I need to virtualize a gui distro so whatever is best suited for that, I like seamless mode.
    Get VmWare Player. Never understood why folks go with virtual box. Its too slow even when configured with more resources compared to other hyper-visors. Its always dead last in any kind of benchmarks.
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    jmgibson1981 said:
    No you don't understand. They lied to me. They control the keys. The first time the guy told me to bad. The second time they said they could do nothing even when I pointed out that it was false advertising and effectively stealing. The third time after being transferred around they blamed best buy. Best buy doesn't control what is inside of a sealed package they receive from Microsoft. They were BSing me to get rid of me, and it worked because my time is more valuable than debating business ethics with them.

    Doesn't matter now anyway. I didn't keep the discs, or the product key since it was worthless. Was a few weeks ago. Now with Windows 10 Home, what is best choice for virtualizing. I need a seamless mode so VMWare, wait for Virtualbox compatiblity, or upgrade my Home to Pro if Hyper-V even has a seamless mode?
    Hyper-v doesn't have a seamless mode. VmWare Player does.
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    Mansome said:
    Hyper-v doesn't have a seamless mode. VmWare Player does.
    If you care about that sort of thing.. Personally, I find it a waste of resources and annoying. But everyone is different.
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