Hi folks
I know some here run Host Linux systems and run Windows VM's using VMWare.

On some distros with kernel 5.7.9 vmware won't install properly --this is because on some distros the kernel headers are back level to the 5.7.7 kernel.

However upgrading to the development version of kernel 5.7.10 with the correct headers allows successful installation of VMWare wks 15.5.6 (and / or VMWare player if you use that)

On Fedora 32 for example simply run this command sudo dnf upgrade --enablerepo=updates-testing --advisory=FEDORA-2020-c0746c5cb5 and reboot the host -- install VMware again and everything works perfectly now - no problem in starting up any of your Windows (or other) VM's again. BTW those that use KVM/QEMU should note that there is no problem in running VM's on VMWare and KVM/QEMU concurrently.

VMWare on Host Linux fails on some newer kernels -- work around-screenshot_20200724_094108.png