Hi folks

I can't get VMware 15.5.2 created VM's (both Linux and Windows - W7 and W10 pro) running on the latest windows preview edition with bridged networking to communicate with its Host. The Host can communicate with the VM !!!! and other machines on the network can communicate both ways with the VM. Network is a bog standard HOME type LAN.

The Host is the current standard W10 pro workstation edition with all latest fixes applied.

Same problem if I run on a Linux Host with the same set of VM's. Host can communicate but not the VM's themselves.

The Trial VMWare 20H1 edition (I think it's still available) works OK - but it's only available for Windows Hosts.

I'm not a network guru so I'm not even going to attempt to try and see what's hapenning -- Hopefully someone else can. I've done the usual things like ping, SMB settings etc -- all to no avail.