Hello! :)

I have been a Windows 10 Insider since the beginning. My main "test" machine for the builds is on my Mac but in Parallels Desktop. I'm considering moving to Boot Camp instead and just use Parallels to boot from the Boot Camp partition if I need OSX and Windows 10 side by side for specific tasks.

My question is this: Will I still be considered an Insider (or rather, still activated) if I install a fresh new insider build on Boot Camp and just sign in to my MS account? I'm planning to use the ESD file that updated my build to 10240. Once that is done, I'll just delete my current VM. Just to be clear, I am not trying to migrate the Win10 VM itself to a Boot Camp partition. Since that in itself is quite a hassle to do and considering a boatload of hurdles to overcome.

Oh and please tell me if I posted this question on the correct category thread and move it accordingly if needed.

Thanks! ^_^