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    bo elam said:
    Do this to maintain the system free of debris and leftovers that programs leave when they are uninstalled.
    Thanks. That's exactly what i want to do. Mostly with opensource video editors for example. Not concerned with malware as these are not pirate bay torrents.
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    BillDoor said:
    Why would you use a third party app to do something as simple as imagining or backing up? Windows does a fine job. As for ransomware? Not from the sites i browse, zero probability. Even then, data is not on same partition or drives, all my data is also backed up and secured on external drives which are off by default. If my system goes down i can restore it from external drive. Reason for sandbox is for testing apps and by apps i mean freeware and opensource. These dont generally have malware but they may have adware and often leave crap in the app data folders

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    Prefer sandbox as VM would be slower. How can sandbox hose system?
    Hi there
    Anything that runs on a Host can in theory hose it up --VM's run totally isolated (or should do) --I agree decent Sand box systems shouldn't hose a system up but unless it's totally in its own isolated address space it's possible.

    VM's these days actually can be very efficient --with decent HYPERVISORS and passthru of hardware you can probably run a VM almost as fast as on "Bare Metal".

    It all depends on what you need to do --Sanboxing is fine for some scenarios, VM's better for others == No system though will ever be 100% immune from attacks --these days though it's not viruses / torrents so much as it will be more like scams gleaned by people giving out too much info over social medai sites / opening emails with dubious attachments or connecting to "fake cloned" websites offering things like "Tax refunds" etc etc.

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    BillDoor said:
    Thanks. That's exactly what i want to do.Mostly with opensource video editors for example. Not concerned with malware as these are not pirate bay torrents.
    You are welcome. Sandboxie should be fine for video editors. Right now I have Irfanview and PotPlayer installed in their own sandboxes. That should give you an idea of the type of software that installs well in Sandboxie. At first, I recommend you try something simple, so you see how it installs, learn how to run it after you install it and close it for the first time, and how to save the work you do in the sandbox (if its works you want saved). In other words, if you edit a video, and you want the edited video saved out of the sandbox, it can be done.

    By default, when you install SBIE, it comes with one sandbox. Its called DefaultBox. For now, you can use that sandbox for doing your first install. But, keep in mind that one advantage Sandboxie has over the rest of sandbox programs is that it gives you the ability to create and use more than one sandbox. This is a big advantage because sandboxing is isolation and isolation works better when you separate programs not only from the systems but from other programs as well. So, before you install a second program in a sandbox, I suggest you create a dedicated sandbox for that program. That way, you ll have both programs installed at the same time but running in separate sandboxes. You dont have to do this, but by separating programs from each other, you get more juice out of SBIE.

    To create new sandboxes, open Sandboxie control, and click Sandbox in the top Menu, and click Create New Sandbox.

    Best Sandbox for Win 10 Home-1.jpg

    After clicking Create New Sandbox, the menu at the bottom opens up. You can name the sandbox as you wish, or if you like, you can use the video editors name. And choose None for copying settings.

    Best Sandbox for Win 10 Home-2.jpg

    Happy sandboxing

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    Thanks Bo. One sandbox should be fine as i will only use it to decide whether or not to do a regular install.
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