Hi there
finally today replaced 2 NAS boxes and a desktop with a a single 4 processor server with 72 GB RAM in it

Running Linux Arch as HOST -- now running loads of Windows VM's on QEMU/KVM hypervisor with the win-virtio paravirtualised drivers.

PCI passthru works a treat

Don't need Host W10 any more !!! I just have it now on 1 Work supplied laptop !!!!

VM speed with the win-virtio drivers is as good as or even better than Native on the older machines (mind you 4 X XEON processors helps !!!!!)

Also ensure the network driver (ethernet) is a parvirtualised win-virtio one --all the drivers are on the iso) as that improves networking from VM to real machines on Lan and outside (wider Internet) and use bridged networking -- i.e create a "virtual bridge" from a physical network interface to the virtual bridge -- it's all in the arch wiki or google for other distros on how to do it -- Ubuntu and Fedora are decently explained for creating windows VMs with KVM on these hosts.

The only draw backs are 2) :

1) can't yet get the hotplug USB system to work so USB devices need to be added and removed before boot of the VM -- I'm currently still working on that

2) UEFI - haven't yet got working either for Windows VM's -- but does it matter on Windows VM's !!! the largest VM I have on Windows is only around 60 GB anyway and I've massive amounts of HDD's and SSD's.

VM's these days if you set them up properly are brilliant.

BTW graphics pci passthru works a treat as well so 3-D , hardware acceleration, so can easily run photoshop, multi media clients etc etc.

Hardware capture device on W10 VM captures properly SKY from SKY Q box, and both AMAZON Prime and Netflix from Amazon fire TV stick. XP stuff with legacy hardware also OK as is a W7 VM for testing whether free upgrade to W10 still works. !!!

Makes HYPER-V performance look a bit like a sick animal currently -- although that might be my ignorance / inexperience of using it.

BTW on KVM/QEMU if you set to allow 2nd level VM (i.e nested VM's) you can enable HYPER-V in a Windows VM -- the WSL then works a treat !!!! -- haven't though tried running HYPER-V in a VM though.

VMWare does work concurrently with KVM/QEMU but I've converted all my VMWare VM's to KVM -- just keeping VMWare in case things go bonkers !!!

Very happy today from a cold and snowy day -- even the dog is saying HI as I finish this (I think it wants its dinner !!!!)

Taking it to the pub now --I'm hideously thirsty !!!!