Hi folks

for those that like running various Linux VM's CENTOS rel 8 is now available both as a "stable" and a "rolling release"

CentOS 8 Release Date - New Features & Download Links

For the rolling release use the stream version.

Easy to install with VMWare -- just use the downloaded iso, and ===>boot to firmware and choose the iso.

WKS menu has boot to firmware -- for VMPlayer users you need to "poodlefake the menu" so edit the .vmx file (it's the VM configuration file for that specific VM if unsure what the .vmx file is) with a text editor and add the line

bios.forceSetupOnce = "TRUE".

If this line already exists change the FALSE to TRUE.

note this changes it (on Vmplayer) back to false again after one boot so to repeat you need to change it again for next boot to firmware.

also to give you more time at boot options add this line to the .vmx file

bios.bootDelay = "xxxx"

"xxxx" is time in millisecs.