Hi folks
running VMWare wks 15.5 on Linux Host on HP envy laptop with W10 latest skip ahead build as the VM:

Laptop i5 CPU 2 core 8GB mem

W10 VM -- 4GB Ram 2 core processor running Photoshop and office

Mem and CPU usage on host -- good for the activity on the VM

VMWare WKS 15.5 - much improved performance so DO update-screenshot_20190929_085755.png

quite happy with that - average around 30% CPU usage on host when doing Photoshop (quite large memory needed when using Camera RAW files and layers etc ) as well as running an EXCEL web query in real time and using outlook 2019 all concurrently.

It's the top process -- vmware-vmx, the rest are host activities.

So VMWare - congrats on this one -- on my main desktop machine the VM absolutely flies -- however I've only got the laptop this weekend.