Hi folks

I know a few here use Linux Hosts with VMWare and run Windows VM's
Some distros have a problem with the latest VMware build - not compiling etc.

Arch Linux 5.3 kernel with the VMWare build works perfectly (as do Windows VM's running on it) -- I've several Windows insider builds working perfectly as VM's on this host.

For those who are possibly phased by the "Geekish" nature of Arch Linux there's a great graphical installer which will guide even the basic novice user on installation while still keeping the nature of "Arch" -- just select what you want without bloat etc. Choose a GUI as you need to have a GUI if you want to run VMWare (workstation or Player) the common ones are all there-- the whole process is really simple.

For those interested here's the link :

Zen Installer download | SourceForge.net

Insure also you install the kernel headers (pacman -S linux-headers) and then from the AUR simply type yay vmware-workstation (or player if you only use the free one). (yay is the AUR helper for Arch Linux)

It does all the compilation stuff, adds the relevant kernel modules and then you can simply without even a re-boot add your Windows VM and power it on.

I like the dark theme but choose any you like

Here's VMWare workstation 15.5 on the latest kernel 5.3 on "Arch". I'm using KDE-plasma with Breeze dark as the option on the GUI.

Linux Hosts with 5.3 kernels and VMware 15.5 release-screenshot_20190925_115211.png

added : To Ms - if only your update and software installation was as simple !!!!!

Well "If Pigs had wings" -- I do though realize that the sheer variety of hardware etc that Windows is used on creates a whole different set of problems -- as a general Linux user I have nothing but admiration for Windows in that most of it works straight OOB. - Windows networking though IMO is still an abomination !!!!

With the sheer variety of hardware that is no mean feat even if my daily use of Windows tends to be somewhat limited --I am not a "Windows Hater" by any manner at all. !!