Hi there
It could be me as I'm not a regular user of VBOX but in my current edition of Windows 10 PRO X-64 1809-17763/316 -- current version not an insider or skip ahead build a number of guests won't install at all and when I have succeeded to get a GUEST up then I get failure when I try and connect a USB device (USB2 or USB3) to the guest.

Centos won't install at all if when selecting the Guest OS dropdown when pointing to your install .ISO image for the guest and choose default Red Hat.

Linux Guests though will install if you simply choose Linux 32.x,3.x 4,x but after install the USB problem appears when you connect a USB device. (UBUNTU, OPENSUSE,LINUX MINT). I haven't tried a Windows Guest on it though.

VMWARE has had this problem for a while on skip ahead / insider builds but works fine on current windows release both for Linux and Windows guests.

VBOX seems to work OK on Linux Hosts -- seems it doesn't like Windows !!!