Hi folks

Network tests

Skippy as Host (W10 X-64 Pro), Centos 7.5 as Guest

External switch file xfer Linux-->TO Windows approx. 114 MB/s (note not Mb/s) for 5GB Video file xfer -- remember also that Linux file was on XFS device and transferred to a Windows NTFS device so some file translation must also have taken place.

Same thing in reverse i.e Windows -->TO Linux speed around 25 - 30 MB/s so approx. 4 times slower ???

Using the same devices for file transfer. Whether it's samba, windows or Linux not sure.

Incidentally I get the same sort of file xfer speeds too using VMWare workstation so there's something either with the windows SMB / CIFS protocol or in SAMBA. I rather suspect it would be Windows as SAMBA has been running on zillions of machines worldwide for donkeys years and it's only recently Windows has been messing about with SMB protocols.

I restored a W7 Ultimate X-64 Host and tested the same scenario on VMWare -=- not sure if W7 ever supported HYPER-V so I just tried with VMWare and the same Guest.

Network file XFER approx. 114 MB/S both ways -- so IMO it's Windows 10 that still has something hosed up in Networking (That's a surprise isn't it !!!!!!!!!!).