Hi folks

Windows Host -- latest Insider rel w10 pro a-64.

I like DEBIAN also for servers -- latest LTS ( Debian "Stretch") avoids 99% of problems with SAMBA / Windows connections etc but there is a problem with VMWARE workstation 14.1 when you try and attach a USB3 external HDD drive (formatted XFS -- a Linux file system).

Normally no problem you just attach the drive via the VMware VM menu - windows doesn't do anything with the Linux drive -- just recognizes the hardware.

However drive (and USB) not recognized at all by the VM - in removable devices USB3 HDD not seen at all -- can't say if this is a Windows or VM problem. In fact no USB devices seem to be recognized at at all by the VM either USB2 or 3.

Get around fix-- in the VMware config attach the USB3 drive as a RAW (physical drive) and then simply mount it once your VM is powered on. You have to do this though before power on --select use whole drive and ignore the "invalid partition" message -- there's no windows partitions on EXT4 / XFS file systems. !!!

Tried the same VM on another computer running latest non insider release of windows but same release of VMware workstation -- perfect --no probs whatsoever.