I had been using Hyper-V on Windows Pro to test routers, and had a quad nic installed while doing the testing.

Now I completed that, and have removed the NIC to use in a server, but my Hyper-V is hosed.

I uninstalled Hyper-V and then reinstalled, but it seems to retain the old settings.

Is there a way to remove all of the old vestiges of Hyper-V so I can reinstall cleanly?

Currently now, after I install and it reboots, I get no network connectivity on the host Windows 10 Pro machine.

It won't let me install a virtual switch, cause it says it is already bound to the default virtual switch. This is before even trying to install a VM.

I would like to just do a fresh install of the Hyper-V, but it seems to retain all of the old settings. I assume there must be something in the registry that could be deleted.