Hi folks.

Specifically for VMWARE users although the results of using Raw HDD's on VBOX and HYPER-V should be the same - I think the partition error message only applies to VMWARE.

If say you want to use entire Linux formatted HDD's on a VM then when adding these as physical HDD's on a Linux Guest on a Windows Host you'll see an error message "Invalid Partition table" when you initially add these.

Just ignore the message -- the VM will power on just fine with the HDD's attached as /dev/sdx where x will be the HDD number and you wont see the message again.

The machine configuration will add the HDD's OK and you can then power on the VM normally.

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The HDD's can be seen in the system

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Often advantage of using RAW (physical HDD's) is that you can use the native file system of the OS and its I/O handling allowing for much better use of I/O (no translation of file systems needed of course).

With Linux guests on Windows Hosts you can get also another advantage if you want to assign 2 or more HDD's to a VM -- you can then use the very efficient LINUX SOFTWARE RAID system (mdadm) as well - if you use say RAID 0 you can get with decent devices faster throughput than on the host !!.

The above configuration shows 2 x 3 TB HDD's in a RAID 0 array and 1 X 4TB HDD native.

Note though if using RAID 0 while it's fast do backup essential data as if one HDD in a RAID 0 array fails then you lose the whole array.