Hi folks
Those of you using Linux that have .RPM package managers (Red Hat, Centos, Opensuse, Fedora) or .DEB (ubuntu etc) Binaries are available for SKYPE for Linux and provided your microphone and/or webcams work it's fine and interface looks just like the Classic Skype one (not the latest horrible windows hash up -- you can still get the classic version for windows too - get the DESKTOP version rather than the re-labelled SKYPE FOR WINDOWS).


Click image for larger version. 

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screenshot shows skype OK and working fine --test VM Centos rel 7.2 with KDE Gui Host machine Windows 7 Ultimate X-64 running VMware workstation 14.1

(will be installing later on HOST Centos system - wanted to test on VM first (which is why I didn't install on W7 host !!! in case anybody asks).