Windows 10: Can't login to MS Account because nothing happens after clicking Solved

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  1.    18 Nov 2016 #41

    rddennis said: View Post
    Did you have this issue in Windows 10?
    You're logged in under a local account and you go into Settings and click "Sign in with a Microsoft Account instead." A box flashes, but nothing else happens. You aren't able to sign in. You spend hours/days trying to figure out, and you can't get through to Windows Support (this was my situation all weekend). Here's what you should do:
    - Type User Accounts in your search bar and select "Change User Account Control Settings"
    - Check your settings---if the lowest option is selected, this is your problem! Change your option to the Windows recommended option (in bold). It should be one option below "Always Notify."
    - Restart your computer. Upon restart, you should see that Cortana is working. But if she's not, select the Windows store icon in your taskbar.
    - Click the Sign in option.
    - Sign in and answer that you'd like to use your Microsoft Account to access the computer.
    - (Optional) Sign out to make sure changes have saved.
    - (Optional) Sign back in and all should work (see notes below if you have problems with Cortana).

    This worked for me and it took me over a day (THIRTY FREAKING HOURS) to figure it out because Windows Support never called for my appointment and a L1 Tech couldn't figure it out. Hope it works for you, too.

    If, after your change, you're having problems with Cortana because you’re unable to enable location access (meaning it’s grayed out, preventing you from enabling it), see below.

    Follow the steps below:
    - type "msconfig" in your search bar, right click System Configuration and select "Pin to Taskbar." (trust me, this will help for the next step).
    - Restart your computer in Safe Mode (in Windows 10, to start your computer in Safe Mode, hold the shift button when you select "Restart" then select Troubleshooting -> Advanced Options -> Startup Settings -> Restart -> Option 4: Boot in Safe Mode
    - Once your computer has started in Safe Mode, select System Configuration from your taskbar.
    - Under General, select “Normal Startup” then click “Apply” and “OK.”
    - Restart your computer and all will work!
    Thank u
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  2.    29 Nov 2016 #42

    Allow me to share my experiences from last evening. After a minor issue with some unwanted crap being removed with MBAM and then some remaining issues with Edge not reaching my favourite websites I decided to do a clean install on my laptop. I also picked up a Lumia 950XL yesterday so it seemed appropriate I could set both up at the same time. Well...

    Regardless of whether it was the phone or the laptop I just couldn't sign in to my MS account. On the laptop, I used a fresh ISO via media creation tool and that failed to connect to my account even during setup. Just an error. Retry failed and I skipped. So with a pristine O/S installed on 2 devices all I got was "Just a moment" and then white screens.

    I tried to sign into my account online and found Edge on both devices unable to even display any page from Microsoft. For all intents it was an outage... Everywhere else on the net was fine so connectivity was not the issue. Hour after hour nothing but white sign-in boxes and white websites in Edge. I was able to update both devices though without any issue.

    This morning for some unknown reason all is well again. Blazingly fast without any problems. If it was an outage is there some way to tell? I'd really like to know just what was going on last night...
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  3.    07 Jan 2017 #43

    You sir, are awesome!

    FROST said: View Post
    I finally have logged into my microsoft account. Hope this method works for everybody else too.
    First I updated my computer with the latest windows update and the computer restarted but nothing seemed solved.
    I again went to my Settings and went to Update and Security.
    Then I clicked on Advanced Options and Clicked on the option under Get Insider Builds.
    This asked me for my microsoft account and password and actually worked.
    And it also solved the same problem happening with Windows Store.
    Hope it works for everyone else. Windows 10 looks and works amazing now and I finally got to use cortana.

    Worked perfect. Thank you!
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  4.    11 Feb 2017 #44

    Iman Nur Anaqi said: View Post
    I already tried this method.It worked!

    1. Start -> Windows PowerShell
    2. Right click on "Windows PowerShell" and select Run as Administrator
    3. Execute the following command exactly as written except where <STAR> replace with * as YouTube Text Box converts text between the * as bold text:
    Get-AppXPackage <STAR>xbox<STAR> -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"}

    Hope this all helps.
    Thank you.
    I have been trying for days, searching and searching, most so-called"solutions" required registry edits which did not work since apparently it was the development mode that was actually blocking access to the windows live account login.

    This worked other than I had to remove the <Star>xbox<star> completely since I have nothing installed for xbox. However, the rest of that command line worked just fine for me.

    Thank you again. Such an absolute PROFESSIONAL answer!
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  5.    22 Feb 2017 #45

    The above worked for me too, after trying a hell of a lot of other things. It appears to reset all Windows Store apps back to their installation state, reinstalling any you may have uninstalled, and resetting installed ones.

    Some of the reinstalled apps can't be uninstalled via Apps & Features, so I'm guessing that I uninstalled some apps manually that are needed for Windows Account logins.

    Thanks OP. Here's the command line I ran, as above without the xbox reference.

    Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage  -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register  "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"}
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