dalchina said:
A new user folder is only created when you create a new user.

Here's a tutorial covering changing an account name, for reference/interest
Change User Name of Account in Windows 10 Windows 10 User Accounts Tutorials

The question about changing the name of the user profile folder has been asked many times here. Whilst it's possible it's also technically very involved, requiring registry edits. Simply renaming the folder would be entirely inadequate and lead to problems.
Change Name of User Profile Folder in Windows 10 Windows 10 User Accounts Tutorials

There are more related tutorials (see in links in those above), and you're always welcome to search and browse the tutorial section
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Thank you, I had seen most of what you said, and I am not afraid of regedit. However, since I just started this, I may call HP to be sure I can bring my system back to the original state and when it tries to run the initial setup again, I can look very hard at setting it up WITHOUT an MS ID. I have done this with 2 other systems I built and never had to create an MS ID. That is what started this in the first place.