New Laptop do I need another User Account as well as Admin thats on it Solved

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    Try3 said: View Post
    Since the Admin user account set up by PCWorld is called Admin [rather than Administrator] it has no particular significance other than that they should only have done that if requested.

    Whilst I have seen proposed solutions to problems with the sign-in screen [by the way "spotlight" is merely the name of the background picture you might see on that screen], I agree with NavyLtCdr that you might as well go ahead with a reinstallation of Windows 10 so you are starting from a known & reliable basis. The Reset must have gone wrong in some way [this is not unheard of].

    You could try using that Recovery USB they gave you or you could you could make an installation USB using
    • Making your own installation USB would be good practice for the future because you are likely to make one later on for various purposes [it is also a useful repair tool].
    • Using that link to make an installation USB goes in stages. The first stage is that it downloads the Media creation tool itself which you then install.
    • You then use the Media creation tool to create the installation USB - see Create Bootable USB Flash Drive to Install Windows 10
    • You then boot from the installation USB to achieve a "clean install" - see Clean Install Windows 10 - TenForums
    • During the clean install the whole disk is overwritten so make sure you have backed up anything you want to keep.
    • During the clean install you will be asked to enter a product key but you must skip that [there is a bypass button labelled I am reinstalling or similar]. Entering anything at this stage would mess up your reactivation.
    • You can then go online to [automatically] reactivate & to run Windows update.
    • You should then also go to the Asus website to download & install their latest hardware drivers. Whilst Windows update tries to include hardware drivers it often gets this wrong.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Later on, you might decide, as many of us do, to make a new installation USB when Ver 1709 is released [expected Tuesday 17th October] in order to update to the new version yourself rather than leave the job to Windows update. That's why I said doing it now would be good practice.
    • If you do so then start from scratch by downloading & installing the Media creation tool again.
    • Each Media creation tool contains fixed references to its Windows 10 version so if you kept today's Media creation tool & used it again in a few months, you would actually be needlessly recreating the same Ver 1703 installation USB you are making now rather then the new Ver 1709 that you would want.
    • The procedure for using it to update is not the same as using it to install. You boot Windows normally then connect the installation USB & run its setup.exe file from within Windows. The procedure is given in Repair Install Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade - TenForums
    • Using the Repair install procedure should always be prepared for by making a full backup & a system image. I have never had a Repair install go wrong on me but I always prepare fully just in case.

    Thanks for the advice.
    Did the reset go wrong because I told it to save my files?
    Should I say delete them next time?
    Should I recovering or resetting ?
    If I use pc worlds stick is it the same as doing it in windows?
    Last question when do I insert the usb stick if I use it and will it lead me through resetting or recovering?
    I dont feel well at the minute so this is very stressful. Thanks all of you for helping me so far.
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       16 Sep 2017 #42

    Resets can just go wrong even though the user has done everything correctly.
    • There is certainly no reason for your save my files option to have caused any problems.
    • The Reset procedure needs various bits of Windows 10 to be operating correctly so, since it has gone wrong once, there is every reason to think it would go wrong again.
    • I have no reason to believe that you did anything wrong at all but you can look through the procedure at Reset Windows 10 - TenForums if you want.

    I do not know what is on that Recovery stick.
    • There is a defined thing in Windows 10 called a Recovery drive [Create Recovery Drive - TenForums, Recover Windows 10 from a Recovery Drive - TenForums]
    • Before Windows 10 the term Recovery disk was used very loosely and could mean anything from a reinstallation disk to a disk just containing hardware drivers.
    • I suspect that the PCWorld stick is a Recovery drive but I have never found any way of finding out.
    • If it is a Recovery drive then the TenForums tutorial linked to above will guide you through using it - TenForums tutorials are invariably both correct & decently explained.

    The most straightforward thing to do would be to make an installation disk as mentioned before and then to run a clean install with it.
    • Is there some particular reason you are hesitating?
    • What you decide to do is a matter for you alone but if you explain the reason for any hesitation then we could give you appropriate advice.
    • Before my last post, I reviewed the whole of this thread and I think a clean install is your best course of action.

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  3.    17 Sep 2017 #43

    Great news I am finally the User of my new clean laptop.
    Since I didnt have a clue how to boot up my pcworld stick I decided to Reset through Windows again & chose delete everything this time.
    It took over 4 hours but now everything is all new again.

    Am very happy to have lost Admin lol.
    Thanks very much all of you for the good advice.
    I know so much more now.
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  4.    18 Sep 2017 #44

    JO69 said: View Post
    Great news I am finally the User of my new clean laptop.
    Since I didnt have a clue how to boot up my pcworld stick I decided to Reset through Windows again & chose delete everything this time.
    It took over 4 hours but now everything is all new again.

    Am very happy to have lost Admin lol.
    Thanks very much all of you for the good advice.
    I know so much more now.
    Ps How do I boot up with a recovery memory stick, for future reference ?
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       18 Sep 2017 #45
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  6.    19 Sep 2017 #46

    Thanks again
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