I just performed an elevated hostname change in Power Shell... After restarting the computer I noticed that my wireless network was down/not showing. Upon further investigation my issues are:

-> 80% of all my services were disabled

-> "The computer can't connect to a home group" error

-> No firewall access

-> No network

-> No system restore available even though I backed up pc a few days ago


I am guessing that the hostname change threw my computer off and now it can't sync with any services?

I went into the services app, changed log on as, and enabled services to run again. Firewall is now working but I can't get home group, system recovery, or local network to work as well as many other features.

Is there a fix for this? Or do I have to reset my system?

Thanks for the help in advance.

...New to this world. Just passed my a+ and am working towards network +