I work for a small firm with no real IT support. I recently started the move from a desktop Win 7 machine to a new Win 10 Pro Laptop. Aside from the typical pains of moving this and that over, I now have a new issue. My office has a Network Drive that provides two drives to my machine. While connected in the office it's mapped as "Shares(\\NAS01)(S: )" and "MyUser (\\NAS01\Users)(U: )". When connected via the external VPN they appear as "http://my.ip.add.res: port/Shares (T: )" and "http://my.ip.add.res: port/Users/MyUser (V: )".

It's annoying but I could live with having dual mappings and remembering which link in Quick Access is from which drive. But I have some software that requires path linking in it's settings that link to folder on each of the two drives (Shares and Users).

I can think of three methods to overcome this:
1) Two user profiles, one for in office, one for out of office, using the proper mapping, and having access to the same user files.
2) Only use the laptop in an "out of office" style, not connection to the internal network, and using a ton of data on a moble hot spot.
3) Have a script (or two) I can quickly run to add/remove the drives as needed.

Does Win 10 have a better method to handle this situation?
Is there a tutorial link I've missed in these archives or elsewhere?
I don't know how to accomplish options 1 and 3, and option 2 could be a miserably slow experience.

Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere.

As a side question, could this be done for my bosses Win 7 laptop.

Thank you.