I have a Samsung laptop on which I had three profiles. (my own, my partners and my sons) While signing into my profile after startup I had an error about the login not being recognised and was signed into a temporary user that allowed me very little access and told me that any changes would not be saved on logout. I turned the laptop off and on again to be greeted with only my profile (a lot of visual settings had been changed - background pic, layout of desktop etc).

I thought nothing of it until my partner asked to use the laptop and discovered that she couldn't access her profile. In fact her profile was no longer an option on the sign in screen, just my profile is there. When I access the accounts page it and go into family and other people I can see the the other two profiles in the list and even change the status from standard to administrator but this makes no difference.

I am relatively new to this kind of endeavour so please be gentle with me.