I am pretty frustrated by Windows 10 "Hello"! The main issue (besides bad recognition rate - esp. different lighting conditions seem to be an issue) is, that it very often seems to be called several times.

This manifests such that when logging in after a few seconds I see the message "Hello Michael - Dismiss the log screen", but instead of reacting to my screen swipes or hitting the enter key to dismiss that log screen the screen does not disappear but instead the message "Trying to recognize you..." re-appears and it seems to try to identify me AGAIN. It then recognizes and welcomes me again but again I can not dismiss the screen, instead it tries to recognize me again. And sometimes again, i.e. this cycle typically happens 2-3, sometimes even 4 times! And oftentimes at the end it declares "too many attempts" and I have to enter my pin. Most annoying!

Why is that so? Why doesn´t Hello allow me to dismiss the login screen after the first time it recognized me (and it obviously *has* recognized me, as it welcomes me by name)?