Indeed apples and oranges.

Windows 10 allows you to sign in / log on either with a local account or a Microsoft Account. You can re-install windows on a device without your microsoft account as long as it has not changed. You can also log your digital entitlement to your Microsoft account.

One nice thing about signing in with a Microsoft Account is you can resolve password issues for a machine on the web where as if your local admin account gets corrupted you have to do some hoop jumping.

Where I log in with a local account as administrator, and its the only one, I always set up a dummy admin account to act as a second set of keys to admin functions.

So on the machines that are using local account to sign into windows you go to Start=>Settings=>Accounts

When it opens under "Your info" you can change to using a Microsoft Account. This is a confirmation you are using a local account. I neither recommending or not the use of a Microsoft account. Two items down is Sign in Options. Here you can change the password to your local account.