On my 1703 build machine I have "Ctrl+Alt+Del" enabled at the logon screen. When the machine boots up I hit "Ctrl+Alt+Del" and I can see "Other User" where I can (by default) enter my username and password.

Since I don't use my password to login (I use Hello) I always have to click "Sign in options" and then I am presented with 4 boxes to click to select the type of logon I want to do:

  1. Password
  2. PIN
  3. Microsoft account
  4. Face/Hello

So I click Face and am logged on.

What I would like to know is, can you set the Face (Hello) to be the default so that when I do a "Ctrl+Alt+Del" after booting up it automatically logs me in using the Face/Hello option?

It's such a pain having to click through this each time the machine boots up. Funnily enough if you lock the machine it remembers the type of logon and uses Face/Hello to log me in automatically without me having to click anything.

Are there any options to configure the logon type defaults? I know I can disable the "Ctrl+Alt+Del" screen but would like to avoid this.