Multi user login problems

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    Multi user login problems

    I have recently switched from a MacBook to Dell Windows 10 laptop and am having some unexpected problems with multiple user logins.

    The problem: when logging back in to the laptop after a reasonable period of inactivity and more than one user is logged in, the trackpad is non-responsive in a weird way. The cursor will not move unless you "click and hold" as if making a selection. When the cursor is in place you can left and right click as normal, but if you need to move it again you need to click and hold once more. Obviously this is annoying! It does not happen during a normal login, or if restarting the system when there is only one user logged in. To solve the problem I need to log all the users out and log back in.

    I have noticed another startup issue which may or may not be related - the wifi does not seem scan and connect to a network automatically until you click on the wifi settings icon in the bottom right. Once you click on it the networks appear and connect pretty much immediately. A weird problem but the workaround is not too onerous so I haven't really spent time trying to fix that one. I'm thinking that it's possible that the startup is tripping over on something which is causing both the trackpad and network adaptor to function improperly.

    Any ideas on what I should try? I've scanned the computer for viruses/malware, made sure everything is up to date, and done some disabling of services to see if that's what's causing the problem. Nothing has helped so far, and it's a pain to diagnose as it only happens after hibernation with multiple users logged in, so each attempt takes quite a while to set up! Thought I'd ask for help here to guide the diagnosis and hopefully reduce the time it takes to fix the problem.
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    Welcome to the forum. How much ram has the pc got and how many users are logging in?
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    It's a new Dell XPS13 9360 with 8GB ram. Both memory and CPU usage is very low when this is a problem, like less than 10%. I wasn't thinking this could be a hardware bottleneck...

    ps thanks for the welcome!

    edit: should also note that this seems to be happening when coming out of deep sleep / hibernation - if the computer is being used you can switch between users with no problem.
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    Test by disabling hibernation. I had a few issues with hibernation awake and have it disabled entirely.
    Open command prompt (admin) and type - powercfg /hibernate off In Control Panel\Power Options make sure the power button and lid options suit you (hibernation will now be missing). I tap the laptop power button to put device to sleep and it has no issues awakening. If I think I'll return to machine within a few hrs, I even close the lid after power button tap and it's ready to use when I open the lid. Good Luck.
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    OK ran this test again to double check performance. The CPU and memory usage is higher than I suggested (around 40% for CPU and 50% memory, seems the biggest user is Microsoft Edge using 30% of memory in a number of processes). Too many tabs? CPU use goes down quickly, guessing this marks the end of the various system processes starting up, but memory stays up around 40-50% and the cursor problems persist.
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    Further test shows that returning from hibernation with only a single user has lower CPU use, memory use still high based on number of Edge tabs open! But a similar memory use (45%) has no noticeable performance impact.

    Am thinking that the best way to fix this will be to automatically log other users out rather than hibernating. If I can set this up. Last resort will be to disable hibernation but I don't really want to do this as this will mean a higher energy use when the laptop isn't being used. I think.
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