Windows 10: Dual Accounts on lockscreen Solved

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    Dual Accounts on lockscreen

    I was hoping for guidance to a problem that happened after I installed Windows 10 on the wife's slightly aged Acer Aspire 5551 X64 bit laptop all was okay until I entered her hotmail email account which again caused no worries,it was only after I restarted the computer that I was surprised to see both accounts on the lock screen one using her name as listed for name of computer and also her hotmail account name which is classed as the administrator I went into user account but only the admin account is visible,this is causing problems when I log in now or send the laptop to sleep as on start up the admin account is prominent which I use a pin number for and when I close the lid to put it into sleep mode on awaking it shows the other account which for some unknown(well to me at least)reason requires her hotmail password to log into I have ran netplwiz and unticked the box that requires a password to log in and also turned the option of lock screen off but that as not cured anything.I hope this makes sense to you as I am not very techy savvy but do try to fix things myself but this as me stumped as when I installed windows 10 on my 32 bit desktop I had none of the problems I have described
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    Can you post a screen shot of that lock screen. As I read it, that all sounds normal, with the name and email they are all supposed to do that.

    The next issue is going to be the laptop itself. Even though the laptop has a qualifying OS to upgrade from (I assume windows 7/8).....doesn't mean the laptop itself is. Meaning support for the hardware of the laptop with drivers. According to Acer, "NO" it's not.
    Product support

    Now you are using windows 10 generic drivers which may or may not work. This could be the underlying issue your having.
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    Addendum: "...doesn't mean the laptop itself is. Meaning support for the hardware of the laptop with drivers. According to Acer, "NO" it's not..." according to Acer product support for that specific laptop
    from Plankton's earlier post

    You might be able to go to the manufacturers of the chip-sets and devices in that laptop and download their Windows 10 drivers -- where such are available.
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    Ummmm...... the OP is having issues with an extra user account showing on the lock screen - not hardware drivers.


    When you added her hotmail email address, did you convert her local account to a MS account or did you add a new MS account?

    User Account - Add in Windows 10

    Microsoft Account - Switch to in Windows 10

    When you look at netplwiz, how many user accounts are listed?
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    NavyLCDR,I just opened up MAIL via the app and then added her Hotmail account and password for same as per the drop down it did it's bit asking to verify then informed the account was set and downloaded all her files from same,as for user accounts in netplwiz it's just the one account listed with her email address and p/w,when I power up the lock screen shows the original user account the compy picked up on when initially setting up 10 and it worked the way I assume it should in as much on start up the lock screen showed that and I had set it via netplwiz to show NO password hit enter that screen disappeared and and I was straight in so to speak,it was only when I entered her email that the double lock screen appeared and what happens now is the first set up screen appears with the header wrong password I hit enter then a second screen appears with the Hotmail address and enter pin(which I set up for ease) that then works and start up works okay,it's this double screen that is the problem for when I upgraded my 32 bit desktop I did all the same things less the use of netplwiz as when the desktop boots I get the lock screen click enter which brings up the log on screen enter pin and away we go,this is why I can't understand why this as happened
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    I am not sure about the mail app, but I know when you enter a MS email and password to use the Windows Store app there is a checkbox that you have to check to use that login only for that app. I believe what happened was that you did not check that exception box and you inadvertently converted her local user account for the entire computer to a MS account. I think to go back to what you want for computer login you need to convert her computer user account back to a local account:
    Local Account - Switch to in Windows 10

    This should only affect how the computer is logged into and not the email app.
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    Thanks for quick reply,I did try to switch but it wont let me,I will have another go at it tomorrow as I have spent enough time on this today and what passes for a brain is getting tired, lol
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    I think I have got it working how "She Who Must Be Obeyed" wanted it to run in the first place by using netplwiz advanced logging in with out password which was the way the old windies 7 ran for her,she can't do technical(not that I'm the world's greatest lol but relies on me to get it working again when she presses something she shouldn't,So thanks for your help as the info you pointed me to as made me understand a little more Regards Grouser
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