Or the other way round to be honest I can't get my head around it.

The upshot is that I don't have a c:\users\mike folder any more
its now the c:\users\Documents folder ! but...... it's not! if I open a cmd prompt in the folder it says it's the c:\users\mike folder and also if I go the properties of the folder on the location tab it says C:\Users\mike !.

now the other interesting thing is that this folder has a Documents folder in it as well .
In it's properties /location it says it's C:\Users\mike\Documents.
confusing isn't it

I can't rename this folder back to 'mike' . I haven't tried to delete it because I have no idea what will happen even if I'm allowed to.
I have backups but I must have done this a couple of weeks ago as when I look through them they are just the same

I would appreciate some help on this as having a user folder named Documents is very confusing.