Windows 10: Family & Other Users does not appear in Settings - Accounts Solved

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       15 Oct 2016 #1

    Family & Other Users does not appear in Settings - Accounts

    Today I tried to add an account to my Windows 10 computer (Version 1607 Build 14393.321). Not something I do very often so I Googled it. When I select Settings - Accounts, I do not see the option for "Family and other users" like the screen image below. This image is not from my machine - it's from a site that shows how to add an account.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Settings Accounts Screenshot_1 101516.png 
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    What I see is shown in the screen shown below. If I click on the big + box for "Add someone else to this PC:, I do not get a screen that says "Add a child or an adult?" and then "Lets create an account".

    When I click on "Other People" and then the PLUS box for "Add someone else to this PC" it takes me to the inset box in the 2nd screenshot below. From there, I can select Users, then from the Action option, New User, then fill in the boxes. I have no idea why what happens on my PC is totally different than the several web sites I found that take you through this process. Any ideas are appreciated.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Settings Account Speedy IV Screenshot_1 101516.png 
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Name:	Local Users and Groups Screenshot_2 101516.png 
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    The instructions and the screenshot on the other site you mention describe how it's done in Windows 10 Home and Pro. You are using Windows 10 Enterprise by the looks of it (or Education, maybe?).

    On Windows 10 Enterprise edition:
    Select the Start button, then select Settings > Accounts > Other people > Add someone else to this PC.
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    Bree said: View Post
    The instructions and the screenshot on the other site you mention describe how it's done in Windows 10 Home and Pro. You are using Windows 10 Enterprise by the looks of it (or Education, maybe?).
    Sorry - Should have specified that. It's Windows 10 Pro 64-bit ver 1607 OS Build 14393.321. The link you posted states that for Windows 10 Pro, I should see "Family and other people" I don't. I see the 2nd screen shot I posted. It does look like what your link says for Enterprise Edition but that is not what I have... Thanks though!

    Any other ideas?
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    Seems your Pro thinks it's Enterprise. Something similar happened when I upgraded a 1511 Home with the Anniversary Update. For a few minutes it showed the 'Defer Updates' option that should only be available in Pro. Presumably it was still sorting out the registry settings and applying policies appropriate for the Home edition. Looks like that process didn't complete properly on yours.

    Try sfc /scannow

    or maybe a Repair Install Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade
    (though I'd recommend making a system image before trying that, just in case.)
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    Hmmm. I think you may be correct. Before I run SFC command or Repair Install, I am going to Google other differences between Pro and Enterprise and see if there are other version anomalies. I don't really know anything about the Enterprise edition and what features it has (or does not have). Maybe this is a good thing that I don't want to correct.
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    Bree said: View Post

    Try sfc /scannow

    or maybe a Repair Install Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade
    (though I'd recommend making a system image before trying that, just in case.)

    Just to update, I ran SFC - no luck. I have not run a Repair Install. I want to make a current OS disk image backup before I do that, which I am about to do. Any other ideas are appreciated
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       17 Oct 2016 #7

    Hello Speedy Gonzo, it's me from the other post! Good to see you here brotha!

    So I read over everything above, and you are right, it looks slightly strange to have a slightly modified version of what should be showing instead. I want to double check with you that your computer is reading your version of Windows correctly. Check out:

    How to Find Out Which Build and Version of Windows 10 You Have
    (Same thing as going to PC Settings -> System -> Scroll down on the left side and press -> About. Check out Edition, Version, OS Build, etc..)

    And no worries about that setting, Bree is correct, probably some update accidentally thought you had a different edition of Windows and slightly changed some setting. But NO WORRIES! You will still have all the options available and should have no issues with anything settings-wise. You should still have full functionality over everything in the computer.

    ***ALTERNATE IDEA***: (I have not tried this, nor can I tell you if I recommend it, but something to consider or keep in mind)

    Let's assume that in the About tab, you saw all your computer specs and your computer states over there that it's actually a Windows 10 Pro.
    Press the Back button in the that Settings window -> press the Update & security option -> On the left side, press Activation.
    Do you see the Update product key section with the "Change product key" link? Press that (don't worry nothing will change when you press this.) A new window will open up giving you the option to type in your Windows 10 Pro product key.

    Maybe putting in your Windows 10 Pro product key will un-confuse your computer and update it to have it verify that it's a Windows 10 Pro.

    Something to always keep in mind!
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       17 Oct 2016 #8

    Hi pepanee,

    First - YES I did a full reboot and logged into each user account I had set up. Icons are restored!! I wanted to mark the other thread as Solved but have not heard from unclepine yet and it IS his thread. For me it is solved so THANK YOU very much.

    As for this mystery, to verify version I usually just type WinVer from the Start button. I did it that way and the way your link outlined, which does show more detail. Below are screen shots of each. I also went ahead and re-entered the product key as you suggested. No change. If you have any more suggestions I will try them but I really am not that concerned about it other than it may be a symptom of some larger problem that I have not yet encountered. I could load a Restore Point (I have a bunch of them) but I have had that process fail before and its not something I want to do just for this issue. Anyway, the pics are self explanatory. The Settings - Accounts screen is unchanged from the image I posted above. Let me know what you think.

    Oh I uploaded one image with my name visible, then blocked it out in the png file and uploaded that but I can't seem to delete an image with this forum editor. Odd. So my secret it out I guess..
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Settings - Version 101716.png   WinVer 101716.png   WinVer 101716.png  
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       17 Oct 2016 #9

    Hi Speedy Gonzo Bro,
    (don't you just love how much your nickname gets changed up by me? haha, nothing bad though, I like your name so much I gotta give it the remix sometimes)

    And you are SO Welcome!! I am so happy about the other post with the whole permissions deal; I give you permission to have that issue resolved =)
    (One suggestion is that maybe from your original thread, (where we did not talk on), you can link to the one we all had a little chat on, stating that the suggestions there solved your problem, and mark your original thread as Solved, just in case someone else stumbles upon your original thread, then they can follow along to that link of where we talked, to help out the others.)

    But no worries, I saw your post above mine with the pictures when they were there. No worries about your name, your name is Speedy Gonzales with 32GB of RAM. No wonder your name is SPEEDY! Computer so fast! hah, nailed it.

    You're right though, I dunno if you wanna deal with the whole System Restore. I've had issues with that before, waiting a long time with no success when it finishes, in Windows 8.1 or whatever. Plus, you don't know what settings will be restored to the previous version where you'd have to change again or whatever. Plus, no guarantee that this might restore it back to the way that it should be.

    This is probably some little bug in an update that might be recognized by Microsoft and they will release some small fix for it later in the future. I saw your Windows version in your picture when it was there, and it looked exactly like mine, looked perfect. (Except my computer isn't so speedy as yours; I only got 8 GB of RAM lol) You are 4 TIMES as fast as I am, SO FAST, TOO FAST. You gotta slow down a bit for me to catch up to ya bro.

    But other than that I have no other suggestions, sorry. I would just ignore it for the time being, then maybe in a month or so when your brain decides to remember this again, check it see if it went back to normal, if not, repost this.

    But still, hopefully someone else has other suggestions to post below my post and see what they think about it. You know? Good times.
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       17 Oct 2016 #10

    No bug, no screwed up update, OP has absolutely no issues, at least not the one mentioned in first post.

    There's nothing wrong in your Windows, other than that you are signed in to wrong user account. The built-in administrator account is not intended and should not be used for normal daily computing, that's why for instance UWP apps (Windows Store apps like Edge, Weather, Mail and so on) do not work using it, nor can you add family members or manage family accounts.

    Your screenshots in first post clearly show you are signed in as built-in administrator. Screenshots also clearly show that you are not signed in to a local domain or Azure AD (Family & other users is completely missing from domain / Azure AD joined computers). Your only issue is kind a non-issue: you are just trying to use a built-in account which is not intended for normal daily use.

    If your normal user account BillB (according to screenshots) is not a local admin account, change it from standard to administrator, sign out from built-in admin account, sign in to your normal local admin account, and the Family & other people option will be there.

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