I have 3 computers all with newly updated versions of Windows 10 (Version 1607, OS Build 14393.321). I recently upgraded one of my computers. I am now having issues getting my computers to sync with one another using my original Microsoft account. My original account has been active for well over 10 years. On the newest computer when I go to 'your info' under settings->accounts it shows my name in all capital letters with my e-mail address directly under it. On the original two computers it does not show my full name, only the e-mail address when I look under the same area. The two that display only the e-mail address will sync well together. If I change the theme on one it automatically changes the other. The new computer however will not change. When I put them all together in a homegroup the original two computers both show up together in their own group, but the new computer is in a separate line in its own group. I can link them together this way with homegroup however, so I don't think I have a network problem. I then created a brand new Microsoft account using a new e-mail address. When I use this account on all 3 computers then they all display my name on the login screen instead of e-mail address. They then sync flawlessly together, they all change themes together, and they are all in the same group in homegroup. For some reason it seems that there is some issue with how the computers recognize or interact differently with my original Microsoft account. I have checked the two accounts to ensure they are both set up the same. I don't really see any differences. Anybody have any thoughts on what my issue may be? I am happy to provide more details or share screenshots if desired.