I'm using Windows 10 on a MacBook Air via Parallels. Right from the get-go, when Win10 became available, I've had a minor logon issue.

When I get to the bootup window asking for my password pin, it doesn't work. Instead, I get the following message...

User name or password is incorrect. Try again. This time I see two "correct" user names in the lower left hand quarter. Both names are the same (star flyer). If I click on the bottom one, it asks for a password which I don't know. The pin doesn't work.

If I click one the other one, in the center of the screen, it asks for my pin. When I put it in, Win10 then continues to boot. I didn't have this problem with Win7 which I was using before upgrading to Win10.

Going into setup in Win 10 accounts, it ONLY shows "star flyer". I would very much like to fix this problem. I've thought of deleting Win 10 and starting all over. Would I then have to pay for Win10 if I were to do this? I'm tempted to just delete Win10 and be done with it as the only reason I have Parallels/Win10 on the computer is to access MS Excel which I find easier to use than Mac Excel. I also have another Mac computer (iMac) that for the most part, I only run Win10 on for the same reason (MS Excel).

I'm thinking I may have caused this problem when installing Win10 by mistakenly entering the same account name twice is the setup.