Odd thing happened to me yesterday.
Windows 10 Home. Version 1607 (OS Build 14393.187)
I have had both a local and an MS account configured on my pc.
And both have worked for some time.
Yesterday, I decided to remove my MS account from my pc and just retain the local account.
Settings \ Accounts \ Family & other people \ Remove
I then clicked on the "Delete account and data" button.
Here's where things "went south"................
The Delete account and data dialog turned grey along with an activity indicator, so I "think" it was busy doing something.
But, it never ended.
Four hours later, it still gave the appearance that it was busy doing something.
But, this is a laptop and I was at a friend house and had the "end" the account removal process, cuz I had to, vacate the premises.

When I got home and turned it on again, I "saw", in Settings \ Accounts, that my MS account was no longer there.
So, I thought, "great, things worked as intended."
I then decided, to re-add the MS account (the exact same email address).
But when I try to do so, I get a ..
"Good to Go" dialog (for a second)
"Something went wrong, try again" dialog.
Followed by a dialog that reads "We can't add a user to the device right now. It's probably our fault" Please tray again.
Wen I click the close button, I am taken to another dialog that will allow me to add a local account. (Which works.)

And of course, I don't "see" my MS account in Settings \ Accounts.
And I can't add it via Netplwiz, cus it tells me the account already exists.

If I go into the Users folder, I "see", the MS account profile folder.

I was able to successfully add a MS account to this pc using a different email address.

I'm thinking something didn't complete when I tried to delete my MS account yesterday.

Is there a way to manually clean up the pc, so that I might re-add my original MS account anew ?
Or is there a way to force my MS account to show itself again ?
Might there be something at Microsoft that might need to be done ?

I know my original MS account (the one I tried to deleted from my pc) is good (email address and password) because I can use it for other things.

Thanks for any and all replies