I have bought and installed in English win 10 for my ladies computer who is Thai.
I have made a few attempts at creating another admin user account with Thai as the system language.
This has worked ok with all menus etc. in Thai language but where I finding problems is with installed software.
If I install under my english user name, when logging in under Thai user name the app will not run and even trying to install from that account fails.
The first time i created another account in Thai , when I logged in I was asked if I wanted to change file path( I think) names to Thai.
At first I said yes but then was unable to install Chrome, so deleted the account and started again.
The next attempt I selected not to change the download address, and was able to install chrome.
However since then I am not getting the window asking if I want to change those address files at first log in for a new account.
I am assuming that is where the issue lies with software not running in the alternative language account.
Any help appreciated.