Hi guys I'm new here and I have this disturbing problem I would like to solve with your help if possible.

So I upgraded from 8.1 few months ago everything ran smooth for few days I downloaded updates still It was okay but few days after that I couldnt login as It was saying : "Your computer is offline, enter the last password you remember" or something like that I happen to change that password because I thought I couldnt remember it correctly and entering it wrong.

After messing around with it with a password recovery tool I managed to access the Administrator user and while using Internet Explorer I noticed that IE can't connect to mail.live.com.

I could ping it I could open it with Chrome and other browsers my hosts file is clear my antivirus is uninstalled I even reinstalled IE but nothing seemed to help.

To conclude things I personally think when I'm able to open mail.live freely with IE I will be able to login to my original account.

Any thoughts?

Edit: It says "Welcome" for about a minute or two before saying that I'm offline. Same as IE trying to connect to mail.live for 1 minute and fails.