I have several PCs now with Windows 10, a laptop, my main desktop and an older desktop. I've been using an MSA with the laptop since it had Windows 8.1 on it. I'm wondering, in some detail, what exactly changes on my desktop, in terms of files, folders, profile, if I switch from a local account to an MSA? In general, does it merge the existing MSA that was started on the laptop into the local account on the desktop? Or does it set the old local profile aside and add the MSA profile? Does it create a new user profile folder?

I'm guessing it must merge the profiles, otherwise settings and preferences from your local account would be lost. If that's true, the MSA profile now has some new preferences and settings added to it picked up from the desktop. When I log into the laptop now, will those new preferences and settings follow and be added to the laptop's profile?

When and if you convert back to a local account from an MSA, what happens? if the profiles were merged, does it separate them again somehow? Or am I looking at this the wrong way?

Any other info or clarification is appreciated! Thanks!