This Notification popped up a week ago and I followed the instructions. Logged in and discovered that the Microsoft records still had a listing for a server that was changed 1.5 yrs. ago.
At that time I did not have a second email address but I do now. I could log in with the second email address to edit the info there.
The info that this account was now locked for 30 days while this new info was being absorbed.
Today that same notice popped up.
I didn't go through the whole process; instead went to settings/accounts and clicked on verify.
Then the notice popped up that the account was locked for 30 days.

This incident is happening on the laptop which operates with a Microsoft log in Account. Its a 2 yr old Acer Home version. The desktop described in the specifications here does not have a Microsoft Account

I have a presentation to do tomorrow night using this laptop. I hope this does not appear during the half hour presentation. I had all notifications turned of but I have just now turned ON 'Hide Notifications while presenting'
If the laptop is NOT connected to the internet at this presentation does that ensure the Notification pop up is not able?

I don't understand why this message to 'add missing MS account information continues to appear and at this point I cannot comply anyway.