Hello all, I have Windows 10 Pro 64-bit installed (fresh install). I have installed my Windows 10. Created Local Account and NOT MS Account to login into my PC. Then I updated my Windows 10. Opened up Windows 10 Store. Updated all the applications within Store. Used my email to sign in to Store to DL an app I want to use. I signed into the store using "Login to this app ONLY". Once I DLed the app I wanted I signed out of Store. Then i wen to Settings-Accounts and clicked on my email account and clicked DELETE and then OK. After that Settings/Accounts window closed. When I go back to it my email is still there. I tried to do it under Safe mode and nothing. In other words i cannot remove my email account. I have used this before on my fresh instals and no problem but this time it's a problem. Any tips? Thanks! Regards, Blane