I set up a new tablet with windows 10 and began with a Local account so I could choose my user name. Then I signed in with my MS account to sync settings.

When I start the tablet the login screen asks for my pin. I want to be able to automatically login without entering a pin or password. To do that I use netplwiz and uncheck the option to require a password for login. So far so good.

But when the tablet restarts I am presented with a login screen that now shows two accounts, my MS account and what appears to be a local account but with the same name. If I then reverse the process and enable the "require a password" option in netplwiz there is only one account shown on the login screen but then I have to use a pin or password.

How do I remove that second local account on the login screen and then login automatically? There is only one account listed in the user account settings page.