More out of curiousity. But yesterday the notifications on my desktop popped up with a prompt about verifying my account on the PC. I obediently clicked onto it which took me to accounts where I saw the 'verify' awaiting. I clicked it and it then went away without anymore pop ups. I didn't get asked for a password or anything like that. I am hoping this is not the start of a regular request/occurrence on the machine. I remember seeing this happen a few months ago and once I'd done the same I haven't been bothered by it again, until yesterday.

I logged into the other family user accounts on the machine. Out of the other three, one of them also required a verify - this occasion wanting a security code which we put in.

But it begs the questions, why would the computer randomly ask to verify? It's not as if anything changed on the desktop. No new drivers, no new hardware, no new nothing. And surely all four user accounts should of been in the same boat asking to verify, not just two of them - my own (main admin head of family account) and another standard account. It just seems to be one of those unpredictable Windows 10 behaviourisms. I don't mind doing it if it pops up every few months but I have seen a few reports where people have to deal with that prompt multiple times a day or every few days. I really hope this is not the start of something like this