Still trying to understand the messy Win filing system.

In trying to set up backup (on external drive) for folders/files on the Desktop, C:\Users\Gomer does not show Desktop etc. as tseen in the Gomer library in Explorer.

In Explorer, clicking on the path of the file in Gomer\Desktop, shows two different versions of the path.

One is the path that is found in the files Properties - C:\Users\gfackworth\Cookies\Desktop. The other version is Gomer\Desktop

However, if I open in Explorer - C:\Users\gfackworth - there is no Cookies\Desktop or even Desktop, but there is Desktop in Gomer library

In choosing what files/folders to back up, the external drive program shows me only C:\Users\Gomer but no Cookies\Desktop or even Desktop, so I can't get to those files to back them up.

So does anyone have a work around or understanding of why this works this way?

If it was just me, being lazy and using the Desktop for easy access, it wouldn't be so bad, but I have found that most of the people I have help with one problem or another, have most/all their files on the Desktop, so this is not just my problem. Mind you, they probably don't back up their files.

Rant alert: I understand that MS likes to have things stored in Documents, but MS is click happy - meaning that if they can find a way to make one use multiple clicks to open a file they will do it. An example, formerly one opened the start menu and hovered on Favorites and a jumplist popped up and you clicked on the file. Now you have to click on Favorites, that opens Explorer and you have to move the mouse to click on a file, then move the mouse to get rid of the Explorer screen. Very messy, and at my age increases the pain from repetitive motion.