What the...

Long story short; I install Windows clean, put my own name as admin; the only user.
I use, let's call it 'password_one' for clarity.

Fine. Then once I'm in Windows I login with my MS account (which is also my Gmail address) and give it 'password_two' as it is my MS account password.

Result: now my one and only user account is my MS account, my own name, but with my Gmail adress...and I have to login to Windows as well with my MS account password, 'password_two'.

So windows decided to change it for me? Just deleted the old password and switched to using my MS account one?

OK...so nevermind, everything works fine...except it doesn't!

I can't apparently install all programs because I HAVE NO RIGHTS to edit the system32 folder contents any longer. It just says 'you must login as administrator to do this' and when I click OK it just says 'access denied'.

But I'm still the ONLY user and the ONLY admin in Users - only not with the original password but which Windows changed there! There is NO way to login as anything else, and it won't accept my original 'password_two'

So...the plot deepends...I try to do ANYTHING in policy editor for instance I get this:

Namespace 'Microsoft.Policies.Sensors.WindowsLocationProvider' is already defined as the target namespace for another file in the store.

C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions\Microsoft-Windows-Geolocation-WLP Adm.admx, line 5, colum 110.


How do I regain control of my PC??? What is going on here???

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