Hi, I am asking on behalf of an elderly gent, first of all a bit of history.

He had a desktop running windows XP for years, however it started playing up and he decided to buy a new one. The guy in the shop (PC world) set it up for him and he took it home.

The problem is he set it up with the administrator account being associated with a really old e-mail ( I can only assume he got the details from the old chap himself) and for which he doesn't know the password. He took it back to PC world and they simply placed a pin number on the login with the old e-mail and he now uses that to unlock his PC. Still not too much of an issue until he tries to change something which required administrator permission and for which the password is required.

I went to see if I could help and when I tried to change the e-mail to his more recent one the old e-mail isn't even listed. The computer is saying that the e-mail associated is the new one?????

Tried restarting to check the login and its the old e-mail. Don't know what's going on and PC world don't seem to know how to sort this either.

Since the computer is new I thought I'd try a factory restore but it asks which account needs to be restored and asks for the password again. I'm really stuck here and I cant fathom what to do.