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re: Administrative Privileges: I'm gifting my daughter my old laptop and, frankly, don't want to have to bother with it in the future. She is an adult, married with kids (who will likely screw it up over time). I want her to be responsible for it and only respond to any periodic crisis. But, hopefully she and my son-in-law can handle things from here.

re: Cloud Storage: I back up my desktop weekly to an independent hard drive, and maintain very little data on my travel laptop. I've been reluctant to use the cloud for anything other than my business activities - I'm frankly not confident that personal and financial data would be fully secure. And, I don't perceive the need to access my personal files when I'm traveling - nor the necessity to sync to the cloud every time I turn it on. I may rethink this over time - perhaps I'm just 'old school.'
It's SOP to grant users standard privileges (even if they are the only user account) to minimize any accidents. You yourself Madam, should be operating under a plain User Account without admin privileges for the same reason. That's how the big boys do it.

As for storing files on the cloud, regardless of your good backup habits, just think: eliminate the need for a travel laptop by using the guest PC at your hotel or replacing it with a tablet.