Windows 10: Admin Acct & Pswd Don't Open MS Edge, Etc

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  1.    15 Mar 2016 #11


    In general, I'm pretty confused by now. I'm not that stupid, just confused. I don't remember disabling the auto logon. At least I don't remember going to a Cmnd prompt. I've tried the solutions that JDS63 for disabling. Seemed simple enough, but I still can't open those apps that I mentioned above. What I REALLY don't understand is why those apps are DISABLED when I'm in an ELEVATED Admin account.
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  2.    15 Mar 2016 #12

    Those apps are disabled in Elevated Admin accounts because they can be used as back doors for Trojans and viruses. They can only be accessed using User level accounts and Administrator group accounts that have UAC enabled - the UAC prompt is designed to be the protection against Trojans and viruses. Running those apps from elevated admin accounts means that those apps would have administrator access to the computer with no notification popping up to indicate they were accessing protected computer resources.
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  3.    15 Mar 2016 #13

    The built in administrator account or other elevated account was never intended for general use. Aside from Apps not working there are some other issues with such an account. This is by design, not a bug.

    While using an elevated account is convenient it is also a security risk. By default programs you run will inherent the rights of your account. If one of those programs is malicious, and this is very hard to prevent, it will be able to do just about anything it wants to. When XP was released in 2001 and admin accounts were always elevated that was acceptable but not recommended. In 2016 it is no longer an acceptable risk. You can run with a full time elevated account if you must but there are consequences.
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  4.    28 Mar 2016 #14

    OK! I'm kind of tying this to another issue I have going on where I can't sign into Chrome, and that only happened after I re-installed Win10 so I could have access to ALL of my FREAKIN' features that MS turns off whenever you change Admin acct. Sorry, if I'm not explaining all of this correctly, but I didn't change the rules MICROSOFT DID! I have a Local Account - Admin. PLEASE tell me WTH I need to do so I can sign into Chrome again.

    I can't sign in with a MS account either cuz I don't remember the OLD password. HELP! I HATE WIN10! At least for now! BTW, none of these CAPS are aimed at anyone here. As I said, MS has confused this issue SO MUCH, and SO UNnecessarily so!
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  5.    28 Mar 2016 #15 If you haven't already, you may want to reset your password and keep track of what you reset it too. Once you do that, you can switch to a Microsoft Account and make full use of the Store and Apps.
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  6.    28 Mar 2016 #16


    Thanks MUCHO for the VERY prompt response. I'd be glad to do that, but I think when I tried to reset the password it required me to give the current one. So, I'm scared to ask, but can I create a NEW Admin acct, and then blow away the old one. And if I DO create a new one, what kind should I create?

    BTW, do you think THAT'S what the problem could be with not being able to sign into Google?

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  7.    28 Mar 2016 #17


    First of all, changing the MSoft password isn't the problem. I know that password. I also created a Stnd Acct, in addition to the Local Admin Acct., and neither 1 of them will let me log into Chrome.

    Now, I don't even know which is my Elevated, or Stnd. In Cntrl Pnl I've got one called Local Admin, and that says it's the Admin, and one called just Local Acct. I've tried using the net user administrator /active:no cmd on BOTH but it gives me an Error 5 on both accounts. The Administrator Acct is called George, and the Stnd is called gplea, and I've substituted those names in place of Administrator, but I get the Error 5 as well.

    At any rate, I still can't log into Chrome. Can you guys please look at how you're set up, and see how those accounts are set up that also allow you to log into Chrome?
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  8.    29 Mar 2016 #18

    I don't know why Chrome won't work? I've never used Chrome. In your earlier post, the one I responded too, you said you forgot your Microsoft ID password? I use the normal account that Windows sets up for the first user you create. It is a member of the Administrators group by default, unless you change it to a standard user manually. I have never had to enable the built in system administrators account to do anything on my PC. If something won't run, I right click, and select "Run as administrator". I log in with a Microsoft ID. If you create a second account in Windows 10, it defaults to Standard User, which is restricted in what it can do. You can do a "run as administrator" but you will have to enter a password of an account in the admin group to do it. It's happened to me on my wife's laptop, it's the only one in the house with two user accounts on it. I had to log in with my account and change hers from standard user to admin. You may want to double check that both accounts you have setup are in the admin group. Control panel > user accounts > manage another account > change your account type.
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