new to PCs in general. Wanted to change some setting in order to get a game running (at the end of video)- Prince Of Persia 2008 : How To Set Resolution And Fix The Loading Problem - YouTube

but when going into /C drive where the game is placed and do the change to a specific .ini file, I save and then try to overwrite to its folder, Notepad brings up " access denied" window. I tried running Notepad as administrator and still access denied.

It says there are 3 accounts on my computer? System, me - user, and administrator. However, it says that my account IS an admin account. I very confused by all this. I managed to find the hidden admin account and login with that where it didnt have any of my programs. Im guessing this is administrator mode? I quickly went back to my user account,.

Is there anyway to merge these where I am sole Administrator? this isnt a shared computer and Im the only user. I understand there are files a user just should not mess with, but I dont want to run into access denied a lot.

I do need to read up on Windows 10 more, but any help greatly appreciated.

intel i5 4460
R9 280x 3gb
8GB ram
windows 10 64bit on SSD