Hello everyone,

I believe i have broken windows 10 user accounts. A few months ago i got bored of the constant UAC popups and decided to activate the Built-in Admin account and use it as my main account. I deleted my other account as i am the only user on this pc. Recently i was getting annoyed that the Built-in admin account cannot use certain apps (photo etc.). So i decided that i could put up with the annoying UAC and decided to switch back to a standard admin account. At first i created a Standard account and it worked great for the apps but i could not install apps or save to certain folders (C:/). So i upgraded it to Admin in the setting/accounts using the built in Admin. Now i had full admin rights, but i could not use the apps again. It seems i can either be Standard user or Built in Admin, but not the original Standard with Admin privileges.

Does anyone know, other than a reinstall how i can get back or create a new Admin account that can use all apps and have complete control of the PC, i am ok with the UAC.

Thanks for any advice.