Bypass Family Settings by conversion to Local Account

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    It was faster as I expected, the test confirmed my theory was right. Doing this your kid has absolutely no way to switch to a local account and leave the MS Family:

    1.) Start as told earlier, creating the Child account as a Family account
    2.) Sign the Child once in to Windows, sign out and back in to your admin account
    3.) Press Win + R to open the Run dialog, type netplwiz and hit Enter to launch the advanced user control panel
    4.) Select the Child account, click Properties:

    Bypass Family Settings by conversion to Local Account-2016_02_02_08_52_091.png

    5.) Change the Child account's user group from Users to Guests:

    Bypass Family Settings by conversion to Local Account-2016_02_02_08_35_522.png

    6.) Close the Properties, close advanced user control panel

    That's it. Users in Guest group cannot open and use the Settings app, therefore they cannot change the account type (switch to a local account).

    • User cannot change any settings, not even open the Settings app
    • User can still download and install desktop software but when doing so, the PC admin credentials will be asked

    • To change any settings, an admin user must first change the Child's usergroup back to Users, sign in to Child account, change the required setting, sign out from the Child account, and finally set the user back to Guests group
    • To download and install anything from the Windows Store, an admin user must first change the Child's usergroup back to Users, sign in to Child account, download and install software from the Windows Store, sign out from the Child account, and finally set the user back to Guests group
    • OneDrive Desktop sync does not work on Guest accounts. To download, open or upload files in Onedrive the user must use a browser

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  2. DQL
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    You are a genius. I'm trying this when I get home.
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  3. DQL
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    Ok, I've been trying to get this to work for a while. Yes, the setting the child's account to a guest account does make the PC Settings impossible to set. All the PC settings, not just the conversion of "Microsoft accounts" to local accounts.

    PlanetSide2 unfortunately does not run in a guest account. I've proven this by changing the account back and forth between standard and guest - PS2 runs in a standard account, but opens and immediately closes down in a guest account.

    So the only way to let my son play the game he wants to play is to let him have a child account that Microsoft has designed so that the child can easily bypass all the Family Settings controls by resetting to a local account.

    This is a bug. Someone at Microsoft really needs to fix it.
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    I'm sorry to hear that. My ego got a setback; I was so sure I found the perfect solution...

    You should use the Feedback app and let MS know about this.
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    Hi Kari

    My 15 year old is clever enough to bypass the (new) Family settings controlled Microsoft Account I just set up for him by converting the account to a local account.
    I'm facing exactly the same problem here.. but mine is only 13 years old .... did you find a way to fix this? any updates?

    Somehow i feel that the whole family setting is useless now when it can be by-passed so easily by switching to local account..
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    No updates. The solution in post #11 is still in my opinion the best working one.
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    yes i tried as a guest user for him..

    the problem is with guest account he don't have auto sign in for one drive. he need that to store his work (back and forth from school)

    ...not a big issue since he still can sign in manually or use local storage

    ..but some how i think after going thru the whole family account creation process and then hit by this 'easy bypass' issue really a 'joke'.. is this the best we can get from microsoft?

    i already started looking into 3rd party apps (with security suites)
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    I have exactly same problem with DQL
    ... Except the problem child is 13 and has her own PC. We finally got her to join the Microsoft family, reset (wiped) her pc to window 10, and I got activity report for maybe 1 day... not anymore! Coz she switched to a local acct. Now I'm again the one locked out of her pc!!!

    I was surprised how easy she can bypass Microsoft family, so I logged into my 8 yr old son's computer with his MS family child acct. Sure enough the option is right there to ditch the "family" and switch to a local account! And I also have a clever 11 yr old with yet another PC...

    From reading all above comments I know l'm fighting a losing battle. If it were up to me, kids these age should never have their own PC in the first place. I'm never a fame of Microsoft, Windows, now I'm more disappointed than ever!
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    You could (if your routers settings allowed it) limit the times his PC can connect to the internet , would that stop the game in it's tracks?
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    I can unplug the router and then everyone and everything including landline is offline , that's about it. Not just time limits, but parents need REAL control what websites/apps kids can access. They have to go online to complete homework but spend most time watching YouTube or play games. I know there's no solution yet, or at least a workaround the average Joe can comprehend. In the meantime I'll put the housework aside, order delivery for dinner, and watch my 3 kids' online activities with my own eyes.
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