Old Thread, return of same issue. Account needs attention/Fix me throws error ox80070057 - which as near as I can tell refers to acl as to file(s) and/or registry keys. I don't think its the Win Pro 64 Build 11102...because i can make an iso, either from this one's esd file or one of my other systems, and re-install over it as an upgrade, with no issues.

i don't think its the account either. .I've got at least two msa's that are insiders, and this issue appears on this one system with either.

i suppose as long as ONE of my systems is working, I can continue to do others with iso's, which to me is far more sensible anyway. AFAIK update is designed to patch; shoe-horning re-imaging into it seems like a poor strategy, and has proved considerably more trouble-prone than the old methods...download exe or msi or cab or iso, and go from there.

(This system and two others have had this error before..rtm builds seem to remove it, sometimes preview build installs cause it once again).