I have a Microsoft Outlook.com account that arose out of a confusing Answer Desk chat - I ended up creating the account to solve an apparent problem. The result is that this account (call it AccGash), which is additional to the Outlook account that I already had (call it AccReal), is attached to my Office 365 subscription.

I recently changed my MS login back to AccReal, which is the email account I use. It seems that this does not affect the attachment of AccGash to my Office sub, which is a nuisance since I never use AccGash for anything else. It's not the end of the world, but it's untidy and one day I will forget that account name and then have a problem with reinstalling Office.

I couldn't find a way of communicating with Microsoft, apart from telephone (expensive international call) and on line chat (tends to be very time consuming and often a bit amateurish), so I wrote a letter explaining what I wanted and including appropriate screen-shots. That was some time ago and I no longer expect a reply, so I wonder if anyone on this forum has any ideas.