Windows 10: Is it wise to use the preset hidden administrator account?

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  1.    22 Jan 2016 #1

    Is it wise to use the preset hidden administrator account?

    I was wondering if I could use the premade admin account for my everyday one but I am not sure if it's safe to, or if not how could I make another user the overall admin? Danke
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    Hello therealeelez Welcome to the Ten Forums!

    For advanced users only! would be the typical advice you would hear about this. You have to remember that the System admin is just that the Windows system's own administration over everything as far as the main functions and services go. Elevating the user admin's account by taking ownership over things is generally the recommended option as still seeing Windows left intact in case the user account gets foobarred by some chance on you.

    You can always create a new user account and see that made into a new admin account to replace the first while if the system admin gets trashed you are stuck with the need to see a clean install of Windows from scratch all over again if not able to perform a repair of that! And this is I can only state the obvious answer of "For Advanced Users Only"! since you have to be knowledgeable in that area while even advanced users will tend to simply stay with a typical admin account rather then risking the default system.
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    Is it wise to use the preset hidden administrator account?
    For general use, NO.

    Recommended practice on the NT platform has always been to create your own admin level account. But for general use it was recommended to create a standard account and reserve the admin account for when it was needed. It was recommended to put a strong password on the built in Administrator account and write it down and put it in a safe place. In early versions the Administrator account could not be disabled.

    It was never intended that the built in Administrator account be used for general use.

    Things changed somewhat in Vista with the introduction of UAC. A user created Admin level account had only standard account permissions and you had to request full admin rights when needed. That remains so in Windows 10. The first time such an account was created the built in Administrator account was disabled. It too was never intended to be used for general use.

    As convenient as it is you really shouldn't be using a full time administrator account for general use, particularly when accessing the Internet. The Administrator account is such an account.

    Also be aware that by design the Administrator account is not compatible with modern apps and there are some other issues as well. In Windows 10 the Administrator account can be left disabled and that is probably a good idea.
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    Well said! I still use a user created admin account here but behind a good firewall and often for testing purposes where the elevated permissions are a requirement. That's the first user account however to be seen on a single user pc without any effect on the built in admin however.

    For seeing it isolated I will turn to a second remote system controlled remotely for testing new builds or new downloads for screening purposes before they ever see the main build. I can also adjust system settings and watch to observe the outcome without any risk of trashing Windows either 10 or 7 on the main system as well.

    Typically however the owner will see the admin account when the system has multiple users with each other using a standard account they are required to log into. You will see even more so at businesses where the company tech will set up each new user account when a new employee arrives as well as delete accounts for former employees.
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    You will find that many things don't work when using the built-in administrator account. The same way many things do not work if you disable UAC in a normal users account. Universal apps won't function (including the Settings app, which has many functions that do not exist elsewhere, and Edge, and a number of other apps).

    I understand that many find UAC, and the enhanced security permissions annoying, but the days are gone of being able to run as an unfettered administrator. Just learn how to work effectively within the UAC framework, and you will find things are much better, rather than constantly trying to fight it.
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    Thanks for the advice. But lastly I can only use the command prompt on the premade administration account can't I?
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    Well the used of the Command prompt(admin) option found in the menu of choices when right clicking on the Start button is one way to either enable or disable the built in admin account. I think you would better off reviewing the guide for this itself to learn just how and why you would want it enabled or disabled. Administrator account - Enable or Disable in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums
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    Thanks for the tips guys. Also (since you seem to know you're stuff) have you solved the no internet bug on windows 10?
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    What "no internet bug" ?
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    When the small yellow triangle appears with the explanation mark in the middle and dispite having working wifi Windows doesn't connect with it for a while.
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